What I Do

SpongeBed. 14 y/o developer and innovator

I'm a software developer passionate about delivering quality in user-friendly experiences.
Currently, my team and I are developing OpenAnime, a top-notch anime platform aimed
at providing the best viewing experience.

I have 3 years of experience in programming and I generally use JavaScript and C# in my projects.
Also, I use Svelte as my main frontend framework.

In my free time, I love talking about programming and improving myself.

About OpenAnime

Say goodbye to frustrating pop-ups, excessive ads, and sluggish streaming speeds on other anime platforms.
Introducing OpenAnime, a new and improved anime platform designed with you in mind.
With features such as "Watch Together", personalized playlists, and lightning-fast streaming bandwidth.
OpenAnime is here to revolutionize your anime viewing experience. Join us on our mission to bring the
ultimate anime experience to every fan!

Do not Disturb
Programming in Visual Studio Code
"If it compiles, it's good; if it boots up, it's perfect." (Linus Torvalds)